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Beijing Air Quality Plummets Amid Dust Storm

Gedung-gedung pencakar langit "menghilang" ke kabut dan kualitas udara anjlok, saat ibu kota China diselimuti badai debu dan polusi berat, Jumat (10/3). Konsentrasi partikel kecil PM2.5 yang dapat mencapai jauh ke dalam paru-paru dan aliran darah, mencapai kisaran berbahaya di lokasi pemantauan.


Skyscrapers disappeared into the haze and air quality plummeted, as China’s capital was enveloped in a dust storm and heavy pollution on Friday (3/10). Concentrations of the tiny PM2.5 particles that can reach deep into the lungs and bloodstream, reached well into the dangerous range on monitoring sites.

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