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Meet The Creators: Elemwe

Elemwe is a Muslim fashion brand that uses wastra or lifted Indonesian fabrics on each product. The founder of Elemwe, Lily Mariasari, explained that Elemwe wanted to promote and promote the Indonesian fabric, namely Betawi batik, through the products it produced. Likewise, the most widely used batik material by Elemwe is Betawi cultural art batik.

Elemwe has several prominent motifs, namely batik with the motif of one of Jakarta's icons, namely, Lang Bondol, Salak, and Ondel-ondel. Elemwe in making or creating his work involves people with disabilities who are less fortunate, but the work they produce is no less good than normal people and of course they have special skills in making or painting a batik. Elemwe is also a bridge or unifier for MSMEs who have home-based businesses that lack relationships.

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